Biographical History

Russ Blaise

Photo by: Markus Tedeskino

Born in Merrick (Long Island) New York.


Blaise moved to the west coast of Florida in 1982, taking up photography as a profession. Was a member of the Central Florida chapter of the American Society of Magazine Photographers.  Assisted many Photographers, the likes of David Langley, Dean Dixon, Bill Ballenberg, Chas McGrath and other notable names in the photography field. Blaise learned many of his photography skills through taking on assisting photography jobs. During the mid to late 1980’s took on more assignments such as corporate, sports and editorial.


Blaise photographed James Rosenquist in 1986 for an editorial piece for USAToday.  In 1988, Blaise was invited back to Rosenquist studio in Aripeka Florida to photograph Rosenquist working on a 17’x 46’ painting, “Through the Eye of the Needle to the Anvil”, which appeared in Time Magazine.  Blaise stayed on with Rosenquist for many more years working on a variety of different projects stemming from editorial, cataloging, photographing paintings to book publishing.


In 1990, Blaise started experimenting with silkscreening photographs on canvas. Then in 1992, Blaise entered his first Gallery Exhibition with two paintings at the Florida Center For Contemporary Art in Tampa Florida, jurored by Artist Robert Stackhouse. Also in 1992, Blaise was awarded a “Judges Merit Award” by Juror, Mark Ormand for his painting,  Lunar Thirst, at the Art Center of St. Petersburg. For the next two years, Blaise was selected for twelve group exhibitions.  Blaise first solo exhibition came in November of 1994 at a downtown St. Petersburg gallery in Florida, Gallery at 145.

In 1995, Blaise entered into computer graphics design, freelancing for corporate ad departments, ad agencies and taking on independent work designing ads. Working in Adobe Photoshop was Blaise’ main focus. Creative photography and contemporary fine art have always been Blaise’ first love. The opportunity to return to this arena presented itself with the advancement of the digital camera.  In 2005, Blaise and his family moved to Tucson Arizona to look for a different perspective in photography, fine art and computer graphics, i.e. digital art.


In July of 2009, Blaise was the behind-the-scenes videographer and still photographer on the feature film "Renegade" aka: "Mattie." Filmed in and around Tucson, Arizona. The films budget was $120,000 and was directed by Michael Dohrmann, Chosen FilmWorks.


In September of 2009, Blaise was the creative director/video producer at Pantano Christian Church, Tucson, AZ. Produced videos for teaching series, mission trips, etc… I-Mag Video (Sunday morning services). Graphic design (Photoshop).


In 2012, Blaise moved back to Clearwater, Florida to seek new opportunities. Blaise has been working on a 716 page, 800 photo World War Two book, with author, Lance Q. Zedric, that has been 5 years in the making. From research, layout in Adobe InDesign, and photo editing and re-touching.